Hanamiya, you’re giving yourself away ( ̄ω ̄)

Takao and Kise BFF! I knew it! ✿♥‿♥✿

太陽の世界 turned 3 today!

太陽の世界 turned 3 today!

bleach fandom: where grimmjow
kubo: idk but have a dead zombie toshiro instead
bleach fandom: kubo no
kubo: kubo yES
Ahaha what are you doing STOP IT! XD

Ahaha what are you doing STOP IT! XD


And this is why I love Alec.


And this is why I love Alec.

Ask me people! :]


1. Do I like this anime?

2. Favorite episode?

3. My favorite character?

4. My most hated character?

5. Who would I cosplay as?

6. Favorite voice actor?

7. Favorite attack or weapon?

8. Which character would I fight to the death?

9. Which character would I want to be like?

10. Who would I ship?

11. Would I live in this anime?

12. Favorite pairing?

13. Most hated pairing?

14. What would I be if I was in this anime?




KuroBasu ch266

Never thought after this that I can go back onboard this ship. What are you doing to me, KuroBasu! I’ve never come back to ships before, but…

"Turning to face Akashi full on, Mayuzumi says frankly, What a disgrace. While Mibuchi and Hayama look at them in shock, Mayuzumi goes on to say, Do you think someone will comfort you or encourage you? Who’d do something like that? I’m no saint. I’m just pissed off and want to complain. You sure talked big back then, but is this all you’re capable of? I can’t see it. It’s like you’re a completely different person from when we first met. Just who are you?" — translation from here by chippokenabokura

I just think this is what Akashi needed the most — not pity, but encouragement, and this scolding by Mayuzumi just looks like one to me ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

*snickering like a hyena* It wasn’t even me who noticed, but now I just CAN’T!!! ROFL!

K Project Ship Wars @ diary.ru, SaruMisa Team

Missed them so much ** my very first anime!

Seirin High School Fanmix: We Can Do It

Cover by lionsruddyeyes